Outercourse rather than Intercourse, for the most part.  It's the slow lane.  Aesthetic.
Comments, true experiences and some fantasy that I was inspired to write about while attending "safe sex" workshops and brainstorming sessions.  One of the programs was called "Friend to Friend."  After the workshops, I just kept writing.

By Robert

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Savoring sexuality

Naked bike ride


Gay rights



Honesty in the closet

Gay environmentalism
Continued from left side
A nice hot spring near Eugene, OR.
Fairie Gathering in Breitenbush, OR.

Visiting Spokane's gay scene

Bellingham area
Christmas party at the hostel
Seeing beneath the denim
Married man or maybe not

Fantasies I wrote
Slumber party at the recreation center
Small town campground
Escaping the night shift
On the tallest building in town

Sexual politics
What I look like
Polyamory can mean lighter touch
What I like for the most part
Sensational art needed due to information overload?
Harmful content found on many porn sites
Building gay community at the gym
Giving sexapeal to quitting the smoking habit
Gay marriage; be careful what you ask for
Where to meet someone?
Better than going home 500 miles to dinner
What dating and security guards have in common
Rest room and education
Thoughts about restaurant conversation

Some links
Gay Scape.com
EROSpirit Research Institute
Blithe House Quarterly
HIV & AIDS Treatments, Symptoms, and Testing Information

Reader comment
It may be in the slow lane for some, but for me it moves at more than deliberate speed. Finally a gay friendly site that views gays as more than the occasional piece of meat. Especially, I appreciated Afternoon Hike. After I read it, I felt like one of the hikers.  Don.

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