"No elevator again" Joe said as he started up the stairs.  "I'm getting awful tired of this."  Mark, who wasn't far behind patted his slightly protruding belly and mentioned that a broken elevator might mean night custodians will get more exercise.  With a dry laugh, Joe said, "I'm beyond that, only 2 more months and I'm out-a-here for good." Joe was retiring after many years in the custodial business.

They clamored their way up the old stairs to the Gymnasium.  Dust mops were hanging in their usual places for another night's work.  Mark's retirement wasn't as close to look forward to.  He was nearing 45, rather than 65, and just hoped that he wouldn't be a night custodian the rest of his life.  He tried to cheer himself by remembering the weekend was coming.  Mark was planning to do something he hadn't done in years; he was going dancing. 

Mark's friend, Kyle, had talked him into going to a house warming party. Kyle had just bought an old church to live in.  For the house warming, he decided to have a dance in the sanctuary.   Church pews had been removed and the old hall made a great dance space.

Kyle was a college professor so he invited a lot of students and faculty. Mark wasn't sure he wanted to dance, he hadn't been dancing since that great anti war march he remembered so fondly where everyone was dancing in the street. 

As that Saturday arrived, Kyle's party began.  Reggae Music flowed into the atmosphere of the old church and people started moving.  Most were dancing by themselves; free form.  A lot of students were wearing tie-dye shirts.  Mark was wearing a tie-dye he found in his closet.  He hadn't looked that colorful in years and felt sort of self conscious, but the sight of a 78 year old woman moving gently to the music put him at ease.

Mark decided he'd get out there and dance.  He twirled around and found himself being bombarded by a storm of bubbles.  Someone was blowing soap bubbles among the dancers.  He followed a trail of  bubbles to this guy with a T-shirt.   "I'M THE BUBBLE GUY" was written across the shirt.

Mark couldn't help but notice how cute the bubble guy looked.  He kept dancing around in the bubbles, partially because they were fun to pop, but mostly so he could get a better look at their source.  The bubble guy wasn't real visible in that dim light, but it felt good to be dancing near by.

The dance was more fun than Mark expected and it seemed to be over quickly.  Mr. Bubble guy danced out into the night before the lights came on so mark never got a good look at him.

By Monday evening, Mark was well rested from all that dancing, but wasn't looking forward to another dull week on the custodial crew.  On his way to work, he stopped at a sandwich shop and was startled to see who was behind the counter.  The cashier was wearing a T-shirt that said, "I'M THE BUBBLE GUY."  Mark thought it might be the same person, but wasn't sure until the guy back of the counter said, "hey, weren't you at Kyle's church dance?"  Mark answered, "Yes, I loved your bubbles" as he relished at the thought of getting a better look at the bubble guy in the bright lights of that sandwich shop.  The bubble guy pulled out a jar of soap bubble solution, from behind the counter, and blew a bunch of colored bubbles.  They were quickly pulled into the kitchen fume hood and disappeared.  Mark could hear the restaurant manager chuckling in a back office. 

Then Mark remembered he was actually there to get a sandwich so he nervously tried to read the menu and place his order.  As the bubble guy took the order, Mark looked at him carefully.  He had a nice smile.  His body was slim.  At the dance, he had been wearing baggy pants with a shirt tail hanging out.  Here at the sandwich shop, his shirt was tucked into a pare of tight fitting cowboy jeans.  They clung to his firm body. Mark was starting to get "turned on" as he paid for the sandwich.  He said, "I should eat here more often."  "It's nice to see you again." The bubble guy said, "sorry this is my last night working."  "You probably wouldn't see me again." 

Mark was getting so horny he wasn't about to give up yet.  He ask, "where will you be working next."  The bubble guy answered that he would be working at Mason Computer Store.  Mark said, "Gee, maybe I should buy a computer."  To that the bubble guy quickly replied, "But you'll never get to see me."  "I'll be buried alive back in the warehouse division." "Customers never get to see us teckie guys."

Feeling discouraged, Mark couldn't think of any more excuses to run into the Bubble guy.  As he left the restaurant, he grabbed for a last hope by remembering the guy's name that was printed across his name tag. The bubble guy's real name was Michael Scott. 

Back at work, Mark kept thinking he would have been happier if he had taken more science classes in school.  Maybe he would have been happier if he had gone into something like computers; rather than ending up as a custodian at the City Club Fitness Center.

Just then he noticed the computer terminal, at the front desk, had been left on.  The name Michael Scott was on its screen.  "I wonder if that's the bubble guy Michael Scott?" he thought out loud. 

With no one else in that part of the building, Mark started fiddling with the computer.  He figured out how to bring Michael Scott's membership file to the screen.  Michael's employer was that sandwich shop Mark had just eaten at.  It had to be the same guy!  Mark also noticed that Michael had paid for towel service.  This must mean he uses the shower and sauna at the fitness club. 

Mark started to get horny again.  He felt guilty looking into records in the computer.  It was probably something they didn't want night custodians to do, but no one was around.  The thought of being able to look at the bubble guy's firm body, totally naked, in the bright lights of the showers at the fitness club was intriguing. 

Mark had used the sauna at the club once in a while.  When his back was bothering him he would seek out the sauna's warmth and relaxation.  There was seldom anyone very attractive in there; certainly not as attractive as the bubble guy.  The sauna was usually empty.

Stumbling around on the computer keys,  he found a record of times Michael Scott used that facility.  He felt guilty, but he had to look.  If he knew when Michael's favorite times were, he could plan to take a sauna around those times. 

The computer listed Michael's "facility usage log," but it wasn't much use.  Michael hadn't been in very often and the times were randomly spaced throughout the day.  Mark couldn't plan a time when Michael was most apt to be there as any time was as good as any other time. 

Mark just decided to use the sauna more often, but it was sort of like looking for a needle in the hay stack.

Just then, Joe came around the corner with a mop bucket. "What's on the computer?" he ask.  "Oh nothing, said Mark, turning off the switch to the monitor."  Joe said, "well it must be coffee break time." 

At the end of the shift Mark's back was starting to bother him again. He decided to stick around after the fitness club opened so he could relax in the sauna.  He sat there for a while, and then heard someone in the shower.  As he walked into the shower area, a college student had his back turned.  His muscles were nicely shaped; an unusual sight in this shower; especially at 6 in the morning.  When the person turned around, Mark saw it was the bubble guy.  Mark thought, "this must be my lucky day." 

As Mark started to feast his eyes on his find, the bubble guy spoke up. "Hey, you want to go to another dance?"  Mark got all flustered and wasn't sure what to say.  Eventually he said, "what dance?"  The bubble guy said, "I'm Michael, remember me making your sandwich?"  Mark said, "of course." Michael went on to explain, "a bunch of us guys are getting together this weekend."  "We have rented an old gym in a grade school."  "Rented it right from the school district no less."  "It's all full of toys and fun things."  "We're going to play."  "This is actually called a dance workshop, but we call it play." 

Mark could hardly believe what he was hearing and seeing.  He said, "sure, when is it?"  Michael gave the details and said, "even Grandma Pat's going to be there."  "You remember that old lady at the house warming dance?"  "She must be about 78 and loves these things."  "They call it movement and inner child awareness."  Mark said, "I'm looking forward to seeing you there."  Michael quipped, "We're more likely to dance into one another there than in that Mason Computer store warehouse."  "Speaking of which, I've got to go now." "It's my first day on the job and they'd fry my CPU chips if I was late." 

Michael darted out of the shower and hardly dried himself off.  Mark was getting so excited he though he had better leave also, before someone noticed him. 

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