My trip to Seattle for Romp Naked and other things Updated Sept. 2007

I doubt they would want someone to bring a camera to the Romp, but these nude mannequins, from a store window I jogged past here in Bellingham, looked like a few of the younger dancers.  You get an idea. 


Most Romp Naked participants looked older and more ordinary, but that's good.  I feel I belong also.

One must travel to Seattle for Romp Naked..  It is not a normal "bar scene."  In fact there is no alcohol.  Nonsmoking also.  Bottled water, fruit juice and vegetables are provided. 

People can't be judged by their clothing because they are nude.  It's a naked gay bi men's dance. 

Often billed as a "sexy party," but not a "sex party."  Guidelines are posted on the romp's web site. 

Preregistration, via the is required as well.  I don't know if they've done another Romp since early 2011.  Looks like it may be taking an extended break. 

"Community" is a very important part of the event.  It is a fund raiser for various charities. 

Dances start with "the opening circle."   How often would that happen in a bar?  Opening ceremonies are great for icebreakers and helping folks feel more connected. 

"Say hello to the fellow beside you." 

Music is at a friendly volume.  There is an eclectic mix of ethnic, dance, nostalgia, even something that sounded like it came from India. 

Getting there was part of the experience for me.  My friend Rick was at the dance also, but we got onto separate buses headed to Seattle. 

Finding a motel for less than $100 in the downtown / Capital Hill area isn't easy.  I booked a room clear out on Aurora. 

Rick stayed with a friend who was helping put the dance together.  Rick recommends volunteering for setup or cleanup crew.  It's a great way to connect with some great people. 

Rather than volunteering, I put most of my energy toward getting to my motel and back.  One could take a city bus, but I wanted to "see the city." 

First adventure was the new Seattle Public Library.  Follow the link to my photo essay if you wish for that distraction. 

Next was a pleasant walk over Queen Ann Hill and across the Aurora Bridge. 

After paying for my room, I went on around Lake Union to where the dance was to be held this time.  All in all, maybe an 8 mile stroll. 

Then came undressing, cloths check and soon the friendly "opening circle." 

Dancing was "free form."  Many danced by themselves.   Ironically, when people dance alone, rather than in isolated couples, everyone in the room is dancing together.  A lot of friendly circles of multiple dancers can form.  Easier to feel included.

I like freeform dancing with out the politics of wondering, "will this person dance with me?"

Quite a variety of tunes, people, ages, dance styles and body types could be seen.  There a few of the "hot skateboarder" types and quite a few of "everyone else.."  Nice to see such a diversity of ages dancing together.

About halfway through, the dance paused for a presentation. 

Nude Yoga

This was very graceful indeed.

My favorite way of connecting with people is conversation, but I didn't do a lot of it at the dance.  Maybe I could have spent more time in the lounge room the call the "chill space," but the dancing is such a unique experience.

Very good exercise.  I get an "endorphin high."  

At the end, there was a "closing circle." 

This is, about the 12th time I have been to the Romp.  I am getting to know more and more people there.

The day after

Next day, the fun continued for me in Seattle. 

Walking back downtown I visited Smith Tower and looked over the city.  Hung out in the observation lounge for a while.  I peppered the lounge attendant with questions. 

About the only thing he wasn't allowed to answer: "how much does the penthouse rent for?"  It's a privacy issue.

Next stop, killing time before the return bus, a hot tub at the downtown YMCA.  Conversation came easy.  I must have been there at a good time.  Quite a few gay folks were among the mixed crowd.  It was what I wished more bars would be like; honest sharing of life experiences.  Met someone there who lived in my home town and was a high school friend of my brother. 

Small world. 

"Honest sharing of life experiences," a great way to close this nice visit to the city.

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Romp Naked
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I don't know if the Seattle Romp has happened since early 2011.  Looks like it may be taking an extended break.

Or, another kind of nude event in Vancouver

Naked Heaven
Vancouver, BC. Going strong last I knew.

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